And……..we’re off to the races!

Having recently launched as a new river restoration and pond building firm with decades of experience between our team members,  we have quickly become busy with new projects across the country.  Our river channel restoration projects are not only focused on creating and enhancing trout habitat, but are aimed at building resiliency into those rivers and streams to face the ever increasing climate changes that are leading to heavier rain events.  Those high water events are tearing up stream banks and incising the channel, disconnecting the streams and rivers from their floodplains and further degrading aquatic habitat.  By reconnecting the floodplain and moving the channel’s energy off the banks while restoring those eroding banks, our projects are improving the ecological function of the entire riparian corridor.  We also enjoy the design and construction of recirculating pond systems and the associated fish habitat they bring to our clients.

Here are some of our new projects in various phases of planning up to and including construction:  1) private 1 acre recirculating pond in New Mexico under construction, 2) bank stabilization and in-stream restoration on the North Branch Raritan River in New Jersey, 3) bank stabilization and in-stream restoration on Capoolong Creek, also in New Jersey, 3) in-stream restoration of a one mile section of trout stream in Loudoun County, Virginia, 4) in-stream restoration and bank stabilization to 1/3 mile of the Saddle River, in Saddle River, NJ 5) two new ponds in/near Bozeman, Montana, 6) 2/3 mile of the Wild & Scenic Musconetcong (Musky) River for in-stream restoration, 7)  design, permitting and construction of a private pond in Somerset County, New Jersey, 8) removal of the Burnt Mills remnant dam on the Lamington River in NJ along with 2/3 mile of in-stream restoration, vernal pool creation and floodplain reconnection, and many other projects still in the early planning stages for 2018 and beyond.

(private one acre pond under construction currently in NM)