Welcome to Trout Scapes!

Trout Scapes was formed in 2016 to focus on our primary passion, river channel restoration and pond creation for trout and and other fish species requiring a healthy, coldwater aquatic habitat.  Our clients include private landowners, fishing clubs, town, state, county, and federal landowners, as well as conservation organizations such as Trout Unlimited and local watershed groups, all of whom are interested in restoration of our rivers and streams in an effort to improve aquatic habitat, restore natural riverine functions, and increase biodiversity in degraded aquatic and riparian habitats.  Our methods of bed manipulation are time tested to restore proper sediment flow, and to add dissolved oxygen, spawning habitat, deep thermal pools, and insect habitat.

While our firm is new, our ties are deep.  Brian, Eric and Lance have been working together to restore streams and rivers for the last eight years and have now teamed together to bring you Trout Scapes.  Our excavator operators have worked with us for many years and bring great experience to our designs during the construction phase of your restoration/enhancement projects.